in a good company

The new formula of additives in VERVA 98 gasoline doesn’t give a chance to sediment in the engine, wins the race with corrosion of power supply system and metal elements of the engine and decreases the emission of toxic compounds to the atmosphere. VERVA 98 rises through the standings, conforming to the criteria of the highest IV category of the World-Wide Fuel Charter.

additional power
to the propulsion

The clean diesel fuel VERVA ON has the increased cetane number to 55, which makes the startup easier and lowers the working temperature of the engine. Special lubricant added to the fuel ensure fuel saving and prolong the malfunction-free period of work for the injection pumps.

VERVA ON is a fuel particularly recommended for cars equipped with modern diesel engines.


Systematic use of VERVA fuels prolongs the life-span of the engine and allows to make your destination with certainty.

Specially selected anticorrosive and antifoaming additives are the secret of the new formula of VERVA 98 fuel, which allows it to keep the elements of the engine clean, increasing its power and combustion efficiency.